Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Name that album by The Away Team

This is the last dance before Cinderella must run for the Pumpkin Coach and leave the ball --the last gasp before the end of our Pledge Music Campaign.  I know I secretly vowed I wouldn’t talk about this again, but I just heard from Benji at Pledge Music who gave me another pep talk, so forgive me.

“Please tell me we’re not a ‘lost Pledge Cause’” I said... “I mean there are other artists on Pledge who have made $29,633!     And maybe that guy is cute....Go check it out, on the front page: http://www.pledgemusic.com  The Damnwells are doing damn well!    While Wild Wild Land sits there on the last page . . . .Is it because our project begins with “W”?  I know there’s a bit of a stigma about that letter now. 

From our Ground Hogs Day email blast, we got emails back from people saying things like, "i would send money but here i am debating whether i should buy my dental floss..." "Great songs! thanks, wish I could help you guys." Why is the economy frozen, and why are we all sitting here freezing, waiting for the thaw? No one seems willing to break the ice, especially the banks who get billions handed to them from we the taxpayer/serfs.

So maybe we need to change the name of our album to get away from the "W" stigma. We've been trying to figure out more ways to create more interaction between us and our audience, for you to experience the process.  So here is one idea:  We want you to vote on the album title.  Recently a fan mentioned that he liked the album name --  "Letters to the World", which was an early working title.  We've kicked around other names from songs on the album like:  "Topsy Turvy World".  Right now the album is still "Wild Wild Land". We, of course, have had dozens of other ideas, but we're interested in what you, the music fan, thinks. Anyone?  If you'd like to have some input, you can take the poll here.


And if you're interested in checking out our project, here's a link at Pledge Music to The Away Team

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