Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Just a Guy with some chords and words..."

Our friend Randy sent us this link to a performance of his original song "The Santa Ynez" at Alisal Cellars in Solvang, California, 24 January 2010.

Randy weaves stories of reality, unpretentiously telling it like he sees it.  We think he’s great.  He also is a wonderful photographer and did our promo pictures for the first incarnation of The Away Team band -- and photographed Nik’s hand holding the remote on our first album “Aliens on Line”.   

He says:  "I'm just a guy with a guitar and some songs. I have three cds: "Coffee Drinkin' Music", "Can The Rich Get To Heaven?", and "Back On My Feet". I made up the songs and I wrote them down. I've known a few people and done a few things. I've had a lot of jobs. My life is a work in progress. But, the songs speak for themselves." --from

And this song "Folk Singer" made us smile.  He's a folk singer and he's got "chords and words" to take him home.....delightful! 

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I'm a Folk Singer.mp3 (3276 KB)

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