Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Album Cover Ideas -Finalists

We thought it would be interesting to hear what people thought about our album cover ideas and it has been a fun experiment.  Taking the input from all of you, plus face to face comments friends, we've narrowed our choices for our album cover ideas to two: Crazy World and Bay City by Andrew Lewandowski.  

It was suggested that we use both, having a booklet rather than just a simple insert.   Or, if we must choose between the two ideas here are some of the thoughts which we've collected:

Crazy World 1 -- "It has to be this one" "Really crazy"  "This is more about people, maybe you need to call the album Topsy Turvy People."   "Stunning"  "Love the bright colors"   "Bold" (Crazy World got the most "votes" from our surveys) 

Bay City 2 - "This is more like the world."  "There is hope in this one".  "It includes city and country, but no people"   "More flow" 

We like the boldness and brightness of Crazy World.  We also like the "worldly-ness" and more "peaceful" (but with undercurrent) feeling of Bay City.   Both feel complementary to our eclectic music.  We really need to lthink in terms of which one will attract the eye if it's sitting on a shelf or in a row of albums on an Internet site......

What do you think?  
Thanks for taking a look!

Penny & Nik
The Away Team

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