Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Away Team at Summer Solstice Festival

We’re “live” again! We are performing songs from our new album “Topsy Turvy World” for the first time at this year’s Summer Solstice Festival on June 25, at 12:15 in Alameda Park in Santa Barbara. 

"We’re  honored to play at the Solstice Festival --  it’s a celebration of life, art, music, culture which is truly unique and special. Solstice embodies the spirit of cooperation, creativity, is people powered, green, and a whole lot of fun - and for me, work ;-) 

The Summer Solstice Celebration, in it’s 37th year, is Santa Barbara County's largest arts event, bringing 100,000 people to the street to see the parade, and 40,000 plus to the Festival in the park which for the first time has expanded to a 3 day event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The theme this year is "jungle" and it's looking like it's going to be huge parade and fantastic festival. For more info on the Festival:

We’re also just releasing our album digitally through JMD Records/NGrovve (a partner of Universal Music Group)Below is a June 19, 2011 press release from them.

The Away Team is singer-songwriter Penny Little and musician Nik Green, both keyboard savants that turned tickling the ivories into danceable, quirky pop rock ditties. They come from different worlds but together they create a new one, a topsy-turvy realm that cannot be ignored.

How did The Away Team's Penny Little and Nik Green come from playing classical piano end up doing heavy rock? It seems a long way but it was a journey worth the destination.

Penny Little aka Little Savage used to be a solo pianist mixing in improvisations with classical pieces. After touring in Japan, she met guitarist Ben Hurley in Hawaii and they recorded the album 'In a Light Garden'. She became the vocalist for band White Feather and toured around Europe. When she returned to the US, she also dabbled into film making, including working with Academy Award winner Barbara Trent on the documentary short, 'Waging Peace'.

Then there's Nik Green, a native of the UK who has been producing electronic dance/ambient music since the 1980's. He recorded and toured with the band Blue Murder for seven years and engineered several hit albums. Nik considers John Adams, Charles Ives, Steve Reich, and Percy Grainger as his music influences. 

In 1994, Nik and Penny formed The Away Team and as a duo they've performed in the Unconventional Tour 2008, joined by other musicians during their eight-city 7,200-mile tour of the US. For their latest album 'Topsy Turvy World', Nik and Penny collaborated with Ben Hurley yet again, producing a collection of modern pop songs with splashes of dance, country, jam, rock, world, and lyrics that are at times personal and political. The Away Team performs anywhere: rallies, festivals, anti-war demonstrations, clubs, house parties - you name it, they've probably played it.

If The Away Team were to describe their sound, it's definitely 'out there' and that's not exactly a bad thing. The Away Team is not boring and they've got the music and talents to back it up.

Download The Away Team's album 'Topsy Turvy World' at iTunes distributed by JMD Records/INgrooves (a partner of Universal Music Group).

Enter The Away Team's world at the following:
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Email: home ( @ ) theawayteam dot com
Phone number: 805 320 7981

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