Friday, October 5, 2012

Report Back from NYC Film Premier

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New York City - September 9-13 at the Kraft Center at Columbia University, my film “9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey” was the centerpiece of a four day event which included a fantastic roster of speakers and presenters -- including Dr. Lee Vickers, AmaLia Wai Ching,  Olga MeylakhJonathan Talat PhilipsChristopher Riano , Dr. John P. SalernoTwee Merrigan, Helen KramerRichard Gage, Luca and Monica Bertini, each of whom offered something to our overall vision of providing a holistic, integrative symposium around the showing of the film to give people solutions, begin dialogues, and to reach out to new audiences.

The press conference on September 11 was honest, emotional, and there were tears in the eyes of some members of the audience as John Devlin and Kirk Arsenault both of whom who have 9/11 related cancers, talked about how they haven’t received anything from the Federal government.  They related how the Zadroga Bill, which now will cover cancer, may not be adequately funded. With the current funding their award may not come through until 2015 or 2016, and will definitely not cover 10 or 11 years of medical expenses which they have incurred.

The art installation curated by L-M-N-T Miami featured the Pause Towers, a plexiglass sculpture filled with medical packaging from ten years of prescription based treatments of a health survivor of the WTC illness.   The artwork has found a temporary home in NYC, but we still need to find a more permanent home, a gallery space, or place to store it.  Anyone with ideas in NYC?  The exhibit includes a large airplane wing, and quite a few pieces.  Download PDF about the art 

The event website is here:

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