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The Feal Good Foundation, a non-profit organization helping First Responders

For immediate release: November 8, 2010

Nov. 8th: Hollywood The Feal Good Foundation, a non-profit organization helping First Responders from 9/11 who are ill from the toxic dust at Ground Zero, is pleased to be the recipient of a fund raising campaign by California pop duo The Away Team. The first 100 people who donate $15 or more to the Feal Good Foundation will receive a free copy of The Away Team's album, slated for release in November.

Feal Good Foundation Founder John Feal, commented, “I am humbled and floored by The Away Team’s compassion and dedication to our cause.”

Singer/songwriter Penny Little says, “It is really a gift just as our music is a gift. Can we afford to do this? No, not really. This is not some clever marketing strategy. We really believe in this cause. These are people who selflessly gave of themselves. We have friends who have been sick since 9/11, and we want to bring more attention to the issue. We want to do something real and tangible to help those affected.” 

Penny’s Film ‘911 Dust and Deceit" premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2007 and has been used extensively as a fundraiser for the first responders of 9/11 who went down to Ground Zero in the recovery and cleanup effort -- many of whom have been denied help for years, some have died waiting, and many are too sick to be advocates for themselves. 

This issue has recently been in the headlines. The US House of Representatives on September 29 passed the 9/11 Health Care Bill which will provide billions of dollars for medical treatment to rescue workers and residents of New York who suffered from the dust and smoke. The Senate version of the bill still needs to be passed in order to become law.

Keyboardist Nik Green, who has worked with Jimmy Page, Roy Harper, Blue Murder, commented, “It is a topsy turvy world where trillions of dollars are spent to kill people in wars abroad, yet it appears difficult to get money at home allocated to care for the heroes of 9/11. Approximately 900 people have died directly as a result of exposure to the toxic dust of 9/11, and we’re in the early stages of this unfolding disaster.”

The Away Team’s album “Topsy Turvy World” is not specifically about 9/11; rather it is a personal reflection of life in a post 9/11 world. The album features Penny Little on vocals, keyboard, and guitar, Nik Green, synthesizers and programming. They teamed up with former White Feather guitarist Ben Hurley, who recorded his parts “remotely” - from Hawaii. 

“Topsy Turvy World” is an eclectic mix of modern pop songs, electronica, hard rock, world, jam band, even a little bit of country thrown into the mix. 

“Personal and original!” -- Ron Dexter, ASC

“Definitely not evil! Gorgeously packaged quirk pop with elements of creative genius.” --Bret Hughes. political writer.

“Tuneful exploration into electronic pop - somewhere between radio friendly and out there; The Away Team are musical chameleons” Carla Scaletti, Symbolic Sound. 

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Santa Barbara, CA 93120

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The Away Team - Artwork

In the search for art which might represent a topsy turvy world, Penny googled “topsy turvy world”, and “crazy world”; the first image which came up in the search was the outsider art of Franciscan Priest Andrew Lewandowski. Outsider Art is “art from outside the art world.” It has been defined as a genre of art made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists. Coined by art critic Roger Cardinal in 1972 as the English synonym for “Raw art” or “art brut”, outsider art is created outside of official culture, but it can also mean folk art, ethnic art as well as art produced by prisoners, the mentally ill, or those who do not make their work to sell. 

Father Andrew donated use of his work to The Away Team for their album cover. 

Andrew Lewandowski: “The act of creation is one of the best qualities we human beings possess. I rely on an intuitive process. I ‘look’: into myself and allow whatever is there to emerge and express itself in images born in my imagination. The result is a work that is spontaneous and childlike. I use form and color to describe this inner world which is sometimes jubilant, sometimes sad, but always honest and direct. “ 

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