Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving Along, Being in Motion

Moving is not fun, especially for cats. Cats do not do so well with change and being in motion. Our Weegie cat, a part Norwegian Forest Cat, especially does not like changes in his world. After all, did he give us permission to do so?


Yesterday, we went to visit Weegie in the "cat slammer" aka Humane Society cat boarding. Great facilities, but it's still a jail. Weegie apparently hissed at one of the volunteers, a very un-Weegie like thing to do. Hissing is a sign that a cat is afraid. So, he's back home now that we've made our move. He's been purring for nearly 4 hours straight. Little does he know that we're going on the road soon, and that life will soon change again drastically. We're hoping for foster cat care instead of jail for Weegie. He has totally adapted to a new environment. He seems purrfectly happy right now. It took him 2 months to come out of the closet when we moved last year. Maybe all it takes is a little practice, getting used to upheaval. And I suppose that's what we humans need to learn as we prepare for our next leg of our journey. Before we left our wonderful abode, we had four weekends of house concert parties which were fantastically fun for us. At each party, there were some of the same folks and some new folks. We invited other musician friends to perform, like Love Lightning and Randy Lamb. We left a memory imprint and sold a few souvenirs aka Topsy Turvy CDs. And as we emptied and cleaned and cleared out, the musical set up was the last to go and finally the Yamaha piano sat alone in the living room, a few boxes here and there in the house, and another era ended.


Moving along. We're in motion..

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