Friday, December 27, 2013

Heading into 2014

We've been working in the studio on mixing songs from the past year, pas part of a new album project.   Fukushima, Sugar Pie, Head Heart, Truth Will Set You Free, others...

"Hey There Sugar Pie"  This song and music video was inspired by an interaction I witnessed between a girl who looked like she was feeling sad and a street musician who said hi to her. The musician saw that she was down, they exchanged a few words, and she walked on. It became a story about a girl who had lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. She was feeling the weight of the world, when a street musician gave her some kindness or words of wisdom -- which set her on a different path. I ran back to the studio to write and record a rough demo of the song I was formulating. 

The video includes pieces of the  original writing process, piano part and lyrics being sung and recorded as I wrote them that evening of Nov. 30, 2012. I added the drums and bass the next day. Nik Green has put in his aura with some extra keyboards and drum programming, and a demented lead in the middle and end.  Then, later the next evening, I found a bunch of video clips I had shot in NYC. and a couple stock footage clips, and put quickly together the video from what I had at hand. One rainy night in SB before Christmas I got some low rez shots.  I tried to get funding through IndieGogo, to find  a way to pay street musicians to participate in my video, to reshoot the "iPhone footage" with the storyline narrative. Although I will use some clips from this rough montage, eventually most will be replaced by new footage. 

I feel  sad that I have not seen Jami - one of the homeless women in the video - for months.   She was not doing well the last time I saw her.    

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Away Team at Summer Solstice Celebration 2013

(photos by Victor Rocha)

Penny Little and Nik Green aka the Away Team performed on the main stage for Summer Solstice Celebration 2013, as part of the largest 3 day arts festival in Santa Barbara County.  Solstice artist Pali-X joined the Away Team, with another dancer dressed as a Unicorn.  

This celebration of life and art brings 100,000 people to the streets to see the colorful people-powered parade dancing up State Street to Alameda Park. 

We shared the stage with a fantastic lineup including Creed Bratton and the Rubbermen.  For those who are not familiar, Creed is most recently known for playing himself in NBC's comedy "The Office" which just ended after 9 years.   He is also a former member of 60's chart topper "The Grass Roots".

The Festival each year begins Friday with performances from ensembles from the parade - continues through the weekend, with the Parade at NOON on Saturday.