Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand

"Who controls the past controls the future;
who controls the future controls the present" - George Orwell

Wounded Knee, a Line in the Sand a new movie by Kevin McKiernan comes in the midst of a firestorm of controversy generated by American Indian Mafia, a new book written by the FBI Special Agent-in-Charge of the Wounded Knee siege.

In 1973  Kevin McKiernan,  a young NPR reporter who didn't think the media should be embedded on one side, penetrated the cordon of agents and soldiers around Wounded Knee and made his way into the village. He stayed until the end, smuggling out reports and film.   While other reporters were reporting the official story, Kevin witnessed and filmed the siege from the inside.   This was a turning point in modern Indian history and is considered the longest public disorder in US history not counting the Civil War.  
The dramatic standoff caught the attention of the world. By the time it was over, two Indians were dead, two federal agents and 18 Indians were wounded, and more than 500 arrests had been made.

Why would Kevin McKiernan revisit this 40 years later?   Is it because the truth in media is essential to a free society?   He opens the trailer to the movie with the above quote from George Orwell.   When we  look at how a controlled media can change the story, change history, the politics, and the power structure, finding out what really happened at Pine Ridge, could have an impact our future. Every time another lie is written as history, there's another nail in the coffin of a freedom
Many worthy films do not get the support from big funders these days.  Kevin is using crowd funding to get completion funds.  The movie is in post - production.  For more information and to support this documentary check out the Kickstarter campaign here:
Kevin McKiernan is a veteran foreign correspondent, photographer and filmmaker. McKiernan's photography, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, has taken him to some of the world's most troubled regions, from El Salvador to Iraq, from West Africa to Afghanistan and Syria.