Friday, September 25, 2015

Report from the Planet

What a fun night was had by all at the August 1st Benefit for Nik !  Dancin' and rockin' out to Iron Curtain DJ Darla Bea and the Ronelles. Saturday Aug 1st at the Creekside Inn in Santa Barbara.  Thank you to all who came out to support Nik Green in beating his cancer!  Being around friends really lifted Nik's spirit.   It was especially great to see John Sykes, guitarist from Blue Murder, and Yoko, a fan who flew in all the way from Tokyo just to be there!    

Another Benefit is in the planning for October, again to cover the extra expenses and burdens of having to cope with cancer.   Nik is finished with radiation, and only on immunotherapy and various supplements.  The tumor in the neck has shrunk considerably, but there are new nodules appearing nearby which need to be stopped.   He's in good spirits, but not working largely because of energy and pain levels, which are variable.  We will have more updates soon!